At Leverage Education our passion is creating comprehensive software applications for K-12 institutions and investing in the advancement of schools and students in low-income urban and rural communities. By developing comprehensive K-12 software solutions, we believe schools will have greater success in the management and elevation of student achievement. With the current conditions and the unprecedented impact Covid-19 has had on education, mobile technology devices are in great demand and are a required component for at-home student learning. Supporting urban and rural K-12 institutions with computer hardware and software applications that meet student needs is essential for a seamless transition for remote learning. We unilaterally provide grants to schools in these communities to integrate technology enhancements for a 21st-century learning environment. Providing scholarships to students for broader access to higher-level education prepares them for today’s competitive working environment. Our team is comprised of individuals possessing a breadth of proficiency and passion for educational technology and academic progression.