Douglass Harth, Founder

Douglass Harth has serviced the k-12 school system for 12 years as a hired I.T. contractor specializing in technology management, information, innovation, and integration services. As the CEO of Leverage Technology Inc., founded in 2009, Leverage has worked with over 60 k12 schools developing numerous relationships with multi-level educators and advancing schools’ technology framework to reflect the modern-day learning environment. Leverage Technology has grown exponentially supporting schools’ technology infrastructure, organizing and maintaining hardware devices, and providing I.T. professional developments for teachers for effective academic technology integration solutions. Douglass Founded Leverage Education NFP. in 2015 to transform k12 organizations into the 21st-Century learning environment through grants, support students with scholarships, and develop k-12 premium software solutions for urban and rule institutions in need of pedagogic advancement. Douglass’ passion is to provide equitable academic technology enhancements to schools in low social-economic communities and invest in the lives of students stimulating a career path for a lifetime of success.



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